VR & Visualizations

At EBM Software, we understand Visualization tools are at the core of the future of analytics. Good visualization tools can transform static numbers into tangible and workable problems to solve, and enable people at all levels of the organization to deliver great results. We’re building this road to the future from multiple directions, by bringing in robust in-house VR solutions, and partnering with Microsoft to offer the best dashboarding tools in the industry.

EBM Visualizations

Deliver clear and simple visual insights that lead to results. Our software includes dashboards that give you real time insights into your critical KPI’s via the EBM Data Lake, plus the ability to create any custom visualizations you need, powered by Microsoft Power BI. We remove the hard part, allowing you to easily stitch together, structure and slice into data without the need for a data scientist or IT involvement.

Dashboards are mobile-friendly and can be easily viewed on any device, anywhere, at any time. Using the power of the EBM Data Lake, you can refresh and see the latest results, then drill down to get the insights you need to change the game in record time.

Leverage Any Data Source

The Data Lake lets you tap into your ERP, Big Data, POS and more in your Dashboards.

Drill Down

Drillable Dashboards tie back to the most granular levels, enabling root cause analysis.

Mobile Enabled

Manage your business from anywhere with Power BI’s mobile-optimized Dashboards.

Limitless Flexibility

Visualize any of your data sources using Power BI’s rich customization and design options.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

We’re taking analysis into the next generation with AR & VR solutions that allow you to bring analytics into a full-interactive, decision-making workshop.

VR Room
VR table
VR wall displaying grocery store.

In our downtown Chicago offices, we have designed a revolutionary retail lab that allows CPG manufacturers to simulate their shelf planning in a VR version of the store, while incorporating their own analytics, retailer POS data and syndicated data to paint a complete picture and fully inform their decision-making process.

Chicago Retail Lab

The single most advanced retail lab on the planet, available for CPG & retail teams to workshop.

Touch Tables

84” touchscreen tables allow you to control the room, access data and pilot the simulation.

HD Video Wall

Life-size, high definition environment gives you a true picture of the retail environment.

Cutting-Edge VR

Life-like capture of products and full displays using bleeding-edge technology.


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