Tech-Enabled M&A

Our Diligent® M&A Software is the trusted solution of the Private Equity and Investment Banking industries. Built to bring unprecedented speed to the mergers and acquisitions process, Diligent supports both buy-side and sell-side teams by enabling them to acquire deeper information at a faster rate, with less effort.
That why Diligent is
Where M&A Happens.™

Buy-Side Support

Diligent helps buy-side teams identify good deals and bad deals quickly, so they can take decisive action. Go deep on a potential acquisition with record speed to find bright spots, opportunities, synergies, and potential deal breakers. Get a true gauge on their profitability and spot leaky pipes. Prove or disprove the investment thesis, move confidently and beat the competition to the punch.

Diligent allows you get answers to “impossible questions” that once used to take weeks in hours. Dive into the ERP, the Big Data, the point-of-sale numbers. See it all and get to the truth.

Profitability Analysis

See where they are making money, where they aren’t making money and why.

Drill Down

Drillable Data Cubes tie back to the most granular levels, eliminating guesswork.

Leverage Big Data

Utilize POS, Syndicated and Big Data to understand market performance and find white space.

Move Decisively

Win fast and lose fast, with confidence. Spend your time on deals that matter.

Sell-Side Support

Tech-Enabled M&A empowers sell-side teams by freeing them from the busywork that comes with fielding an endless stream of buyer Q&A. Our Diligent software sits on top of the seller’s ERP and data sources, allowing the sell-side team to quickly and easily pull drillable reporting and analysis from the company, which is tied back to the most granular level.

Go deep inside the selling company’s data and formulate a deeper, more compelling story with the data to back it up. Utilize Big Data. Showcase the profitability and dangle opportunities. Spot risks and troubleshoot before going to market. Come to the table with an arsenal of tools that will keep buyers hooked and drive a higher asking price.

Field Buyer Q&A

Answer questions faster and with less effort, keeping potential buyers engaged.

Improve Your Story

Go deeper with the data and build a more robust pitch with Big Data and POS insights.

Avoid Dead Deals

Find and fix deeply buried issues before going to market and avoid lost/dead deals.

Drive Competitive Tension

Take more buyers deeper into the process and drive higher sales multiples.


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