EBM Software’s Catalyst is a complete digital FP&A suite that modernizes finance departments with insights tools that exponentially increase efficiency. Shave 60-80% off your month-end reporting. Shave 50% off your planning cycle. Time you can outsource to technology is time you can reclaim for high value work, like performing analysis and turning insights into action that drives profitability.


Catalyst enables sophisticated, PE-friendly dynamic reporting out of the box. Our clients frequently see reductions of 60-80% in the time spent on monthly reporting tasks, which is typically reallocated to performing deeper analysis.

No more tie-outs. No more pulling reports from disparate systems and then trying to tie them up in a neat bow in Excel. Catalyst brings it all into one view that is tied back to your most granular levels of data. Select from pre-built reporting packages, or easily build your own with our Report Builder tool.

Dynamic Filtering

Easy-to-use filters allow you to quickly get to the information you need at any level.

Drill Down & Analyze

Drillable reporting ties back to the most granular levels, enabling root cause analysis.

Automate Delivery

Use subscriptions and receive reporting daily, weekly, or monthly as an .xls, .doc, or .pdf.


Analyze rate/volume/mix effects at any time without the need for plugs.


Visualizations & Dashboards

Data Cubes

Data Cubes are a live look into the Data Lake. Slice, dice, drill down and aggregate massive amounts of real-time data with pivot-table-based cubes that tie back to the original transaction level. Understand data that is too big and too messy to handle in Excel, and reap game-changing insights from Big Data, Retail POS and complex profitability data.

Data Cubes are truly the cornerstone of your analytical toolbox, allowing you to quickly find anomalies, draw fully-baked insights and quickly make fact-based decisions that once would have required weeks or months, and an expensive third party analysis.

Financial Cube

Quickly find hidden costs, drill into specific accounts and analyze your financial performance.

Profitability Cube

Understand profitability by SKU and by customer. Quickly find opportunities to grow EBITDA.

POS Cube

Understand store-level, basket-level and geographic trends, hot sellers and stock levels.

Inventory Cube

Drill into inventory levels, dollars going in, dollars going out and dollars being held.

Profitability Cube

Financial Cube

Planning & Forecasting

Catalyst Forecasting, Planning and Budgeting tools are truly extraordinary. Reduce planning cycle times by eliminating low value busywork like consolidating multiple spreadsheets, maintaining version control and tying out data. With Catalyst, your team can plan in the Cloud using a single source of truth.

The power of Catalyst’s planning tools lies in their speed and flexibility. Catalyst lets you plan how you want to plan, whether it’s top-down, bottom-up or zero-base – you can work at any level, or use any framework to get the results you need.

Framework Flexibility

Plan using on any framework – plan by dollars, SKUs, customers, product lines and more.

Smart Allocation

Plan top-down and Catalyst allocates dollars down to the most granular levels.

Cloud Collaboration

Plan bottom-up directly in the Cloud, no need to consolidate multiple spreadsheets in Excel.

AI Forecasting

COMING SOON! Leverage AI and historical data to calculate probable future performance.

Financial Planning Tool

Profitability Planning Tool

Ontario™ Data Lake

The Ontario™ Data Lake is an incredibly powerful tool that allows you to pull from any data source you have. This includes your ERP or multiple ERPs, allowing you to manage multiple businesses from a single view. This also includes your “Big Data” sources, like Retailer POS data, syndicated data, inventory, weather, shipment information and more.

Using Catalyst’s powerful Data Cubes, you can easily stitch together any of this data to understand the variables of your business. See how the weather affects your sales. Bring together POS data with shipment and inventory data for a complete consumption model. With Catalyst and the Ontario™ Data Lake, no problem is too big to solve.

Analyze Big Data

Bring in all your sources to get a complete picture and see the “why” behind your business.

Manage Multiple ERPs

Bring all the ERPs into one view and manage it all, potentially preventing a risky ERP change.

Master Point-of-Sale

Feed in all of your retailer POS data and get insights the same day, instead of waiting weeks.

Gauge Performance

Analyze data from Nielsen, IRI, etc. to understand market performance and find white space.


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