Escaping the Month-End Nightmare

How technology can radically improve your reporting process. Let’s face it, month-end reporting can be a huge pain. This is especially true for middle market companies. As your business grows and becomes more complex, so do your monthly reporting packages. Oftentimes, this involves the painstaking process of tying together multiple data sources and heavy manual labor in Excel. Simply gathering all the data and ensuring 2+2=4 eats all of your time, and in the [...]

Dealing with a Double-Edged Sword

A Better, Faster Approach to Gathering POS Insights The uncertainty of COVID-19 has dramatically shifted the priorities of many companies when it comes to predictive analytics. Information that was once “nice to have” has become mission critical. Many of our customers have been widening the scope of their analytics to find additional wins for the business, and one area of great interest during this pandemic has been point-of-sale data analysis. POS analytics is traditionally a [...]

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