Next-Gen Moneyball: AI and Big Data Help the Raptors Claim Their First NBA Title

Last week, the Toronto Raptors won their first NBA Championship, beating the perennial powerhouse Golden State Warriors. While the Raptors had a slightly better regular season record, many considered them to be heavy underdogs against the star-studded 3-time champion Warriors. But the Raptors knew something many of us didn’t. In fact, they knew a lot of things many of us didn’t. And that’s a big reason why they won. For those who have read the [...]

Crunching the Numbers: March Madness

According to the American Gaming Association 40 million Americans are expected to have filled out some 149 million brackets in 2019, with about $8.5 billion being wagered throughout the tournament. Like many offices, MGMT3D and EBM Software get a friendly little NCAA tournament pool going every year. As a bunch of certified number-crunching data geeks, you can bet bragging rights are a serious prize in this office. And true to form, several members of [...]

Money Ball Proved the Value of Harnessing Big Data

In Major League Baseball, it’s a whole new ball game. Ever since the movie Money Ball demonstrated the value of using advanced data analytics, the game has changed. Using big data has proven to help MLB teams succeed. Of course, statistics have always been a part of baseball, but until the last few years, stats were still recorded in the traditional way through observation. Many decisions were made based on limited data. Now 7TB of [...]

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