Escaping the Month-End Nightmare

How technology can radically improve your reporting process. Let’s face it, month-end reporting can be a huge pain. This is especially true for middle market companies. As your business grows and becomes more complex, so do your monthly reporting packages. Oftentimes, this involves the painstaking process of tying together multiple data sources and heavy manual labor in Excel. Simply gathering all the data and ensuring 2+2=4 eats all of your time, and in the [...]

Dealing with a Double-Edged Sword

A Better, Faster Approach to Gathering POS Insights The uncertainty of COVID-19 has dramatically shifted the priorities of many companies when it comes to predictive analytics. Information that was once “nice to have” has become mission critical. Many of our customers have been widening the scope of their analytics to find additional wins for the business, and one area of great interest during this pandemic has been point-of-sale data analysis. POS analytics is traditionally a [...]

Lighting the Fuse

4 Ways Catalyst Profitability Tools Can Spark the Fireworks for Your Finance Team. Think back to every 4th of July fireworks display you’ve ever seen. What do you remember, the beginning, the middle or the grand finale? The first 80% if the show might be entertaining, but it’s that final 20% that leaves a lasting impression that sticks in our memories for years. According to the Pareto principle, 20% of the causes often equate to [...]

Painting A Clearer Picture

Four Ways Catalyst Makes Forecasting More Efficient Forecasting has been a hot topic lately as companies try to recover from the COVID-19 crisis. Ask just about any CFO, and getting a tighter handle on their working capital has likely been priority #1 over the past few months. Companies are facing a myriad of issues that complicate the situation greatly, whether it’s slowed sales, inventory issues or diminished capacity. It is apparent that tight forecasting is [...]

Decoding the New Normal

EBM Catalyst Introduces 3 New Apps to Help Businesses Manage Through the Crisis. In a recent Associated Press article on statistical modeling for the coronavirus, Temple University mathematics professor John Allen Paulos was quoted as saying, “Uncertainty is the only certainty.” The same can no doubt be said about operating a business in these times. As we see some statewide lockdowns being lifted and areas of the economy beginning to reopen, the rules of [...]

Using Analysis to Fight Uncertainty

3 Ways EBM Catalyst Can Help You Get Critical Data for Better Decisions. Just a few short weeks ago the idea that most of the country would be working from home (or not working at all) would seem like crazy talk, but yet, here we are. The COVID-19 pandemic has made for a difficult time the world over, but it has also been an eye-opening experience for many businesses. These businesses will no doubt be [...]

Looking back at 2019

A Year of Tremendous Growth. In 2019, we were incredibly fortunate to grow our client relationships, be involved with some landmark deals and have a lot of fun along the way. Looking back, this is a year we’ll likely remember for the unbelievable amount of growth we experienced. Looking around the office in December of 2018 vs. December 2019 is a dramatic change. First off, you have to specify which office you’re even looking around! [...]

From Frightful to Delightful

Taylor Jackson Shares His Tips for Beautiful Monthly Reporting Packages Halloween is a great time for a good scare. Some people like to pull pranks. Others prefer haunted houses or scary movies. But one thing nobody likes is staring down at a monthly reporting package that looks like it was sewn together by Dr. Frankenstein. If you struggle with building aesthetically pleasing reporting packages in Excel, you’re not alone. Excel doesn’t exactly have a “Make [...]

4 Reasons Finance Departments are Turning to the Cloud

Finance, on a departmental basis, has typically been one of the slowest adopters of Cloud services. But many believe we have begun to reach a tipping point. Dispelling myths about security and the social proof of watching other departments migrate to the Cloud en masse over the last couple of years has encouraged them to think a little harder about making the move. Furthermore, Cloud-based services are beginning to offer features that make the experience [...]

4 Ways to Simplify Data Analysis Through Technology

Time is the great equalizer. You can have all the intelligence, experience, expertise and data in the world, but without time, meaningful analysis is pretty much impossible. The Pareto Principle, or the 80/20 rule, sums up a conundrum the almost every analyst faces: 20% of the effort leads to 80% of the results, and 80% of the effort leads to 20% of the results. Most analysts will tell you they spend at least 80% of [...]

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