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Welcome to a Smoother, Smarter Excel Experience with EBM Diligent and Catalyst.

EBM’s Diligent® and Catalyst® applications are changing the way you interact with your data in Excel. Forget the clunky old macros – our sleek new EBM Excel Add-In is here to streamline your workflow! Follow the instructions below to perform the update.

Why You’ll Love
the New Add-In:

Direct Connection: Sync your data lake with Excel reports instantly.

No More Macros: Bid farewell to complex VBA macros and .xlsm files.

Uninterrupted Data Access: Dive into your data cubes without any VBA hassle.

Simple Installation:

If you already have an EBM Office Bridge Plugin installed, please first uninstall before downloading this version.

Close Excel before you start.

Hit the ‘Download Now’ button to get the new Excel Add-In. Run the MSI file and follow the prompts. If Excel asks to close, let it take a quick break. No need to reboot – just relaunch Excel and you’re set!

Updated: 02/09/2024

Not Seeing the Add-In? Here’s a Quick Fix

Go to Excel Options > Add-ins > Manage ‘COM Add-ins’ and hit Go…

Make sure EBM Office Bridge is checked.

Need Help?

We’ve got you covered. If you’re stuck or if the Add-In plays hide and seek, just click on the support link below and we’ll guide you through.