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The Diligent® Portfolio Management software provides unprecedented speed and certainty in the M&A processes private equity firms and investment banks engage in every day. Through our own executive team’s experience in M&A, we saw the great need to streamline time-consuming diligence tasks in order to win faster and abort bad deals before the process costs you millions you won’t get back. So, we applied our knowledge and developed an entirely new category: Tech-Enabled M&A software.

Through a sleek web-interface, Diligent allows users to evaluate, oversee and aggregate an unlimited number of companies seamlessly. Diligent is not just a simple consolidation tool or portfolio reporting engine. It is a cradle-to-grave solution for better managing private equity processes that drive value creation. It’s Better Diligence FASTR™.

Where We Can Help

Our technology alleviates the common headaches of the M&A process

Rapid QofE + Diligence Prep

Slash time requirements with rapid QofE-ready financials and sales analytics in dynamic data books with automated roll-forward updates

Big Data Analytics

Enhance your client’s experience by handling data sets too large for Excel, performing complex consolidations and revealing more data-driven insights in advance of detailed buyer Q&A

CIP Accelerator

Diligent’s proprietary software & services cleanse financial data and create summary outputs in a fraction of the time of a traditional process

Dead Deal Avoidance & Revival

Uncover financial issues before going to market, and quickly triage & save deal processes which break down due to poor, cumbersome, complex data

Efficiency & Engagement

Diligent’s automation of labor-intensive analytics promotes more efficient teamwork, greater firm throughput and higher employee engagement. Free your junior bankers from low value activities to focus on high value results

Higher Deal Value

Generate greater competitive tension in a process – and drive higher sale multiples –through the ability to present larger complex data sets, field buyer financial Q&A faster, and take one or more additional parties deeper into a process

Diligent Features

Diligent’s Data Lake brings together all of your data, including ERP data, Big Data, retailer POS, syndicated data and more. From there, Diligent enables unique analytics that give you deeper insight into the company, including queries that are far too large and complex for Excel. Understand true profitability, understand trends and whitespace like never before, and more. Diligent leads you to true insights.

Best-in-class analytical “Data Cubes” allow companies to slice-and-dice, drill down and pivot enormous amounts of transactional data to identify important insights and make fact-based decisions. Forget waiting on data requests, these pivot table-based cubes allow you to analyze any aspect of the organization, incorporate it into your schedules and refresh it with real-time data any time you want.

As the most standardized of the Diligent reporting and analysis tools, web reports offer a PE firm-friendly option for getting information to large groups or ensuring consistency every time. Diligent comes with a full set of standard financial and profitability reports that users can view on screen, print, download or email as required. The reports can also be filtered, subscribed to or saved as a user favorite.

Quickly implement planning and forecasting with a fraction of the effort. Diligent’s best-in-class, web-based planning and forecasting modules make the dream of planning without Excel a reality. Plan or forecast from the top-down, bottom-up or anywhere in-between, and be confident your estimates have been allocated correctly down to the granularity you need to manage the critical details of the business.

Diligent’s Office Bridge provides customizable, filterable and updatable Excel, Word and PowerPoint Templates that connect directly to the Diligent Data Lake. These templates allow users to fully automate the important, but time-consuming tasks of creating and updating key financial/operational presentation materials and recurring reports with the latest data.

Diligent offers best-in-class dashboards and visualization tools via embedded Microsoft Power BI®. Completely customizable and distributable to an unlimited user-base, the robust dashboards integrate seamlessly with the Diligent Data Lake, Excel or other legacy systems to create a complete solution. The interactive and drillable dashboard buttons, gauges, maps, sliders, and charts can transform static KPIs into truly actionable measures.


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