Insights Apps

EBM Software’s Insights Apps are designed to help you troubleshoot a specific problem, fast. They can be deployed in concert with a Catalyst implementation or used as a standalone analysis. Each can be completed with a full analysis available for your team in one week, start to finish.

POS Insights App

Much data is generated at the point of sale, but few companies actually have the ability or visibility to fully utilize it. For many companies, the task is outsourced to an analytics company, who delivers a monthly report. In this case, the data you’re looking at is often 4-6 weeks old.

The Catalyst POS Insights App allows you to see what’s happening this week, instead of last month, with on-demand intel. See trends, create better forecasts, and get better visibility into inventory and out-of-stocks. Analyze at the city, state or store level. Drill into product lines and individual SKUs. This app is your single command center for all things that touch POS.

See Real-Time Insights

Get the latest POS data from your retailers and see what’s happening now.

Quickly Understand Trends

Spot trends to forecast overstocks and out-of-stocks before they cost you money.

Incorporate Syndicated Data

Easily incorporate data from Nielsen, IRI, etc. and understand the competitive landscape.

Utilize Shipment & Inventory Data

Get a complete picture of inventory levels and spot potential supply chain issues.

Working Capital
AR/AP Insights

How much insight do you have into your Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable? Now more than ever, deep understanding of your cash flows (in and out) receivables, and inventory are critical in making strategic decisions. This app was designed to deliver these potentially business-saving insights in just one week.

Our Working Capital AR/AP Insights App gives you a robust solution that helps you peel back the onion, with Dynamic Analysis Cubes and Power BI Dashboards for managing AR, AP and Inventory. Get the fundamental ingredients you need to better forecast your cashflow and plan your next moves with precision.


Cash Flow Insight

Assess if cash flow is tight, or negative, and if working capital should be used to cover the gap.

Accounts Receivable

Quickly dive in and assess the reliability of accounts receivable.

Accounts Payable

Tightly manage accounts payable to ensure you always stay above water.

Ready In One Week

Plug-and-play app designed to deliver fast insights when the chips are down.

Profitability Insights

Getting a true understanding of SKU and customer profitability, and where those things join, is a traditionally difficult exercise for the vast, vast majority of businesses. The Profitability Insights App will help you understand the true profitability of your SKUs and customers, from top performers to lowest performers, so you can properly rationalize your portfolio.

Quickly identify dead inventory to reduce costs, and cut procurement, production and distribution complexity. Approach a problem from multiple directions and see profitability by customer, store, geography and more.

SKU Profitability

Find out which products are making money, which ones aren’t and why.

Customer Profitability

Quickly identify unprofitable customers and drill down to the root of the problem.

Slice, Dice and Drill

Dynamic Data Cubes allow you to quickly find root causes for reduced margins.

Improve Your EBITDA

Get a true roadmap to deliver profitability-driving results.