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Unlock Hidden Value in Your Portfolio Companies with Compass

With Compass’s data-driven insights and a dedicated augmented expert finance team, you can better understand the performance of your portfolio companies, leading to better investment decisions.

Understanding Compass

Compass is a comprehensive financial management solution designed to meet the specific challenges of small and mid-sized enterprises. Developed by EBM, a data and finance technology leader, Compass offers expert financial oversight, advanced reporting, and analysis capabilities through a user-friendly, cloud-based platform.

With a dedicated team of finance professionals, including a Senior Finance Director and Analyst, Compass provides businesses with tailored financial insights for informed decision-making. The service simplifies financial operations, offering cloud-based convenience and ad-hoc analysis support to navigate the complexities of modern financial management.

Compass empowers businesses to address talent gaps, high turnover rates in financial roles, and the limitations of traditional tools, ensuring that financial insights are accurate, timely, and actionable. It’s about managing your finances, taking control, and driving your business forward.

Chart Your Financial Horizon with Compass

In a world where navigating the complexities of financial management can be daunting, Compass is your North Star to success.

Your Challenge

Managing multiple businesses in your portfolio is challenging due to limited visibility into performance metrics, inefficient data integration, and analysis, inconsistent reporting standards, difficulties in identifying growth opportunities, resource constraints, complex risk management, strategic decision-making, communication, coordination issues, and scalability problems.

Our Proposed Solution for Frontenac

In a world where navigating the complexities of financial management can be daunting, Compass is your North Start to success.

Expert Financial Management

Enhanced Oversight: Access to experienced finance professionals ensures expert oversight and strategic financial planning for companies needing more in-house capabilities.

Proactive Management: Continuous financial oversight and the availability of ad hoc analysis enable proactive management rather than reactive financial responses.

Efficient and Consistent Reporting

Standardized Quality Reporting: High-quality, consistent reporting across all portfolio companies aids uniform assessment and strategic decision-making.

Strategic Decision Support:: Comprehensive reporting and insightful analysis provide the data for informed decisions that drive profitability and growth.

Consolidated Business View: Rolling out Compass across the portfolio allows a unified and consolidated view of all businesses, simplifying oversight and comparisons.

Cost-Effective Solution

Reduction in Overhead: Our full-service financial management solution reduces the need for extensive in-house finance teams, optimizing costs.

Scalable Solutions: Compass’s flexible, cloud-based platform scales with business growth, accommodating evolving needs without additional cost burdens.

Integration and Usability

Quick Integration: Easy to implement with a minimal learning curve, ensuring that portfolio companies can quickly benefit from the system without operational disruptions.

User-Friendly Interface: A simple, intuitive interface allows for easy navigation and customization of financial tools, enhancing user engagement and efficiency.

Data Security and Accessibility

Secure Access: Financial data is accessible securely anytime and anywhere, supporting dynamic operations and informed decision-making.

Cloud-Based Convenience:: Ensures all financial information is readily available, facilitating collaboration and remote management.

Customization and Strategic Planning

Tailored Financial Tools: The ability to customize reports and dashboards to meet specific business needs increases the relevance and impact of financial insights.

Flexible Financial Analysis: Adapts to each company’s unique challenges and opportunities, providing specific support as needed.

Optimal Exit Strategy: Compass helps your company and portfolio of companies understand the financial landscape clearly, aiding in determining the optimal timing for exits to maximize investment returns.

Great to have a responsive partner who can take a problem and build deep data analysis to help us identify the issues.
Render Dahiya, President @ Vetnique Labs

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