Our Company

All companies have data, but the true power lies in the ability to transform it into insight. Our founders built EBM Software on the idea that getting game-changing insights faster was the key to winning in a time where data would soon be all around us.
Over the past decade, EBM Software has grown from a handful of financial and IT experts, to a multi-state corporation. Our tools power the M&A insights for some of the largest private equity firms and investment banks in the world. Our software has enabled dramatic turnarounds for mid-market companies across the country.
Our clients choose us because we empower their organizations with insights faster, so they can base their most important decisions on the facts. They call us because what we deliver makes leaning on their gut obsolete. Informed Knowledge. No Guesswork.™

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We’re very lucky we implemented Catalyst the year before we decided to sell, because I don’t think we would have been able to slice and dice all that data in that amount of time. I would say it was absolutely instrumental in getting the company sold.”

Josh Anderson, VP of Finance, Cameron’s Coffee

“It has evolved as our organization has evolved –from one company, to acquiring multiple companies, to evolving our portfolio of businesses to work with a single sales force. Catalyst gives us a single aggregate view of the whole business and a deeper understanding of it, while greatly improving our planning and forecasting process.”

Chris Rogers, CFO, Dessert Holdings

“The first year after implementation we were seeing double-digit inflation on commodities. Thanks to theCatalyst software, we were able to have data available instantly, enabling us to take appropriate pricing actions quickly to combat millions of dollars in inflation.”

Brian Zellmer, VP of Finance , Flagstone Foods

“Not only was the EBM Catalyst the right tool in terms of features and usability, we realized the EBM Software team had the business credentials needed to understand our business and get the rollout completed quickly.”

Rex Clevenger, CFO, Universal Hospital Services
“The biggest asset of Catalyst is our ability to understand the results. It gives me an idea of customer and item profitability, which is extremely powerful, and helps us guide our resources to the right places. I can do rate-volume-mix effects calculations on our results that would not be available otherwise. “
Steve Hentges, VP of Finance, Dessert Holdings

“Obviously, there’s a shelf life to information –the longer it takes to get out the less value it has. Catalyst allows us to ask more time-relevant questions and make more time-relevant changes to reduce costs and increase revenue.”

Patrick O’Neill, CFO, Chandler Industries