Catalyst has been named Back-to-Back as a High Performer in G2’s Summer Report Grid!

G2 announced that Catalyst® has been listed in their 2023 Summer Report Grid Report – for the second time in a row! Catalyst® achieved High Performer on the Grid Report by receiving positive reviews from verified users in the forecast and budgeting, financial analysis, and corporate performance management categories. The biggest asset of the Catalyst® software, from my point of view, is our ability to understand the results. It gives [...]

Unlocking the Power of Data: How Catalyst Can Revolutionize Business Operations and Insights

As businesses grow, they often face the challenge of having inconsistent data across different systems and platforms, which can lead to confusion, errors, and missed opportunities. In fact, studies show that 84% of businesses struggle with data inconsistencies (Forbes). Catalyst is a platform that offers a range of tools and services to help businesses manage their data and streamline their operations. One of Catalyst's key strengths is its ability to act as a single source [...]

Pivoting from Potential to Profitability

SoftBank’s $9B Loss Hammers Home Silicon Valley’s Need for a Shift in Focus. SoftBank’s Vision Fund has been a huge economic and philosophical force in the tech sector over the past 3 years. Since closing its funding round on May 20th, 2017, the fund had poured nearly $100 billion into burgeoning tech startups, including Uber, Slack, Nvidia, Doordash and many others. But the last year hasn’t been too kind to the Vision Fund. Uber, once [...]

Customer Insights Begin with Insights into Consumer Trends

Stores closings are on a record pace and the retail industry will likely see more brick and mortar store closures this year than ever before. Now more than ever, retailers must keep a close eye on current trends. No one can predict the future, but by closely watching and reacting to consumer trends, you stay ahead of customer expectations and be better positioned to leverage opportunities. A recent McKinsey report identified five dominant forces that [...]

Online Grocery Shopping; Fad or the Future?

“Online grocery is failing,” according to Kurt Jetta, chief executive of TABS Analytics, a consumer products research firm. Only 4.5 percent of shoppers made frequent online grocery purchases in 2016, up slightly from 4.2 percent four years earlier per the firm’s annual surveys. The report also revealed a repeat purchase rate of just 15% for customers making online grocery purchases. Why online grocery may be a fad: Prices are too high Consumers want to see [...]

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