The Importance of Accurate Data and Visibility to Reduce Recession Impact

With the fast pace of business, data science is the way to elevate the playing field. Businesses can't get to the top without it. According to a study by the McKinsey Global Institute, data-driven organizations have the potential to increase their revenue by up to 20% compared to their peers. To explore this topic further, we turned to Grigorios Skolidis - the VP of Data Science at EBM - whose extensive expertise in this field [...]

Will Record Funding Be A Tipping Point for AI?

Artificial Intelligence is steadily growing to be ubiquitous in modern life. From the way our food is grown to facial recognition technology to deep learning that turns big data into actionable insights, new AI technologies are constantly on the rise. And so are the companies that are creating them.   Q2 of 2019 has been a landmark quarter in terms of investments in AI. Funding for AI startups reached a stunning $7.4 billion in Q2, [...]

AI, Deepfakes and Facial Recognition Raise Questions About Security

Last week, social media channels were filled with the aged faces of celebrities, friends and family members alike. FaceApp, which uses AI and facial recognition to create highly realistic facial transformations, was the most downloaded app on the web. Originally launched in 2017, the app surged last week as celebrities began taking the “FaceApp challenge” – creating a geriatric version of themselves – and millions of others followed. But as quickly as they hype rose [...]

Training for an Automated Workforce

How Will Companies Adjust as More Jobs Become Obsolete? With any form of major technological advancement, jobs are both created and destroyed. The breakneck speed of advancement in automation and artificial intelligence is no exception. We are, perhaps, on the brink of the largest meta-shift in the workforce since the industrial revolution; and transitioning the global workforce to fit the new paradigm will likely be the greatest challenge of our time. According to a recent [...]

Next-Gen Moneyball: AI and Big Data Help the Raptors Claim Their First NBA Title

Last week, the Toronto Raptors won their first NBA Championship, beating the perennial powerhouse Golden State Warriors. While the Raptors had a slightly better regular season record, many considered them to be heavy underdogs against the star-studded 3-time champion Warriors. But the Raptors knew something many of us didn’t. In fact, they knew a lot of things many of us didn’t. And that’s a big reason why they won. For those who have read the [...]

McDonald’s Dives Back Into M&A by Investing in a Tech-Driven Future

While mergers and acquisitions haven’t exactly been the calling card of fast food giant McDonalds in recent years, it appears they’ve jumped head-first back into the game with an interesting future-facing move a couple of weeks ago. On March 25th, McDonalds announced the acquisition of Dynamic Yield for more than $300 million USD, their most significant acquisition in 20 years. The tech company, dually headquartered in New York and Israel, specializes in A.I.-driven personalization and [...]

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