June 27, 2023   |  Read time: 5 minutes

In today’s data-driven world, data is one of a company’s most valuable assets; protecting them is critical for its success and competitive differentiation.

Companies rely on data to understand their customers, market trends, and competitive landscape. Analyzing data allows businesses to gain valuable insights that help identify growth opportunities, optimize processes, and enhance overall performance.

Data control is of utmost importance for businesses, and partnering with ISO 27001 compliant companies plays a critical role in achieving and protecting the company’s data.

Companies with ISO 27001 adhere to internationally recognized information security management system standards. Businesses can rest assured that their data and information assets are handled securely. This mitigates the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access and demonstrates the business’s commitment to protecting sensitive information.

Compliance with ISO 27001 helps businesses meet industry and regulatory requirements, safeguard their reputation, and build trust with customers and stakeholders.

Moreover, the continual improvement aspect of ISO 27001 ensures that information security practices are regularly updated to address emerging threats and vulnerabilities.


ISO 27001 standard specifies requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and improving an ISMS (information security management system) and provides a risk management approach to information security. The standard also includes a set of controls that can be used to manage potential data breaches and protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information.

ISO 27001 is a globally adopted standard for information security management, and organizations across all industries benefit from implementing the standard. Compliance with this standard helps organizations demonstrate their commitment to information security.


With the average ransomware breach costing $4.54 million in 2022, companies should have internal security protocols and processes and ensure they partner with ISO 27001 certified and compliant companies.

By partnering with a company that is ISO 27001 compliant, businesses can ensure that their data and information assets are handled and protected securely. This can help prevent data breaches, unauthorized access, and other security incidents that can cause harm and financial losses.

ISO 27001 focuses on risk management, requiring organizations to identify and assess potential risks to their information assets and implement appropriate controls to mitigate them. Partnering with a compliant company can help businesses reduce the risk associated with information security breaches and demonstrate their commitment to protecting sensitive information.

Many industries and regulatory frameworks require businesses to implement specific security measures to protect sensitive data. A compliant partner can help companies to meet these requirements more efficiently. It assures customers, stakeholders, and regulators that the business has implemented a robust information security management system.

Data breaches and security incidents can severely affect a business’s reputation and customer trust. Partnering with the right certified companies, the business will gain a reputation as trustworthy and reliable. It can also provide a competitive advantage for those needing similar security procedures.

ISO 27001 also requires organizations to establish a continual improvement cycle, ensuring that information security controls are regularly reviewed, updated, and enhanced.

In summary, partnering with ISO 27001 compliance companies is essential for businesses in today’s data-driven world. Partnering with compliant companies reduces risks, helps meet specific security requirements, and enhances the business’s reputation as a trustworthy and competitive player.


Having ISO 27001 certification is crucial for EBM Software as it demonstrates our commitment to maintaining high security for our customer’s data. As a company that manages millions of customer data points, we must have robust security measures and protocols to prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, and cyber-attacks.

We demonstrate our compliance with internationally recognized best practices for information security management. This certification gives our customers confidence that their data is being protected by a company that takes security seriously and invests significant resources to ensure the latest security measures are in place.

Having ISO 27001 certification is a testament to our commitment to providing reliable, secure, and structured data to help professionals make faster, wiser decisions.