November 25, 2020

We asked our employees, “What are you most thankful for in 2020?”

2020 has been a strange and challenging year, to say the least. This will no doubt be a very different Thanksgiving for a lot of people, with COVID restricting many of the large gatherings that usually mark the holiday and putting traditions on hold.

But in spite of 2020’s constant barrage of public health crises, business closures, political turmoil, civil unrest and economic uncertainty – people have found many reasons to be thankful. One could even argue, with all the high drama in the world, it’s brought gratitude to the forefront more than ever before.

For this year’s Thanksgiving blog, we decided to reach out to our people at EBM Software and MGMT3D with one question, “What are you most thankful for this year?”

“Above all else, I’m happy that my family and friends have been able to stay healthy, and I’m crossing my fingers that this continues. Secondly, I’m extremely grateful that our businesses are doing well and our team has been able to adjust to working remotely – when you see what has happened in other industries, it makes you feel incredibly lucky.”
– Dave Hanson, Senior Content & Engagement Manager

“2020 is certainly not cliché, but this year I find myself most thankful for the ‘cliché’ healthy/happy family and fulfilling career, more than ever. Together, they have allowed us to stay positive in the chaos of 2020.”
-Michael Steward, Vice President of Operations

“I’m thankful for my quarantine crew at home, my colleagues who stay positive, and the technology that enables us to keep on.”
-Emily Popp, Director of Organizational Effectiveness

“I’m thankful that our office has been able to stay safe for the most part from COVID, that in just 4 short weeks hopefully Cowboy Slims will open back up for wings and happy hour, and that after all of 2020’s craziness, we still have the best company culture in the world.”
-Tim Turensek, Staff Accountant

“I’m just incredibly grateful for a healthy and safe family.”
-Jessica Wink, Graphic Designer

“Ah, 2020. Hard to find bright spots at first glance, but I am actually grateful for this year in many ways. Top of mind: I’m very thankful for the opportunity to engage with new colleagues and develop great, meaningful relationships, despite the pandemic, social unrest, politics… I realize how much I was taking for granted pre-COVID, and now I realize what a gift each and every interaction is, virtual or physical, near or far. I’m very grateful for what we’ve all been able to preserve, despite the extraordinary challenges we’ve collectively faced this year. And I’m outrageously grateful for this year almost being over!”
– Julee Sung, Marketing Strategist

“I’m most thankful that my family is safe and healthy.”
-David Rodgers, Development Manager

“I’m thankful for healthy family and friends and feel fortunate to have a job that challenges me to grow every day.”
-Bennett Celichowski, Senior Financial Analyst

“Given the year, I am most thankful for my family’s good health (knock on wood).”
-Mary O’Neil, Director of FP&A Solutions

“I am most thankful for all of the people in my life (family, friends, coworkers), Cowboy Jack’s boneless wings, free guac coupons at Chipotle, and Rainforest Café’s margaritas. I am also thankful for the culture we have at MGMT3D.”
-Ryan Peterson, Financial Analyst

“Health and life.”
-Kevin Franck, VP of Application Development

“This year more than ever, I’m thankful my family is healthy!”
-Char Holmberg, Accounting Manager

“While COVID has brought on so many challenges for so many people it has brought my children home and together again. Kierstyn moved out and had her own apartment in Chicago. I never anticipated having both of my kids back together under the same roof again. Even with things shut down, I am so thankful for all the fun/laughing conversations we have had on my bed, making our own TikToks, raising our puppies, cooking together, movie nights, playing games, and more! It has been really wonderful and something very special!”
-Emily Callahan, SVP of Marketing and Operations

We want to extend a big ‘thank you’ to all of our clients and partners this Thanksgiving for another great year. May you have a happy and safe holiday weekend.

What are you most thankful for this year? We’d love to hear from you. Let us know on LinkedIn, and join the conversation!