August 14, 2020

A Better, Faster Approach to Gathering POS Insights

The uncertainty of COVID-19 has dramatically shifted the priorities of many companies when it comes to predictive analytics. Information that was once “nice to have” has become mission critical. Many of our customers have been widening the scope of their analytics to find additional wins for the business, and one area of great interest during this pandemic has been point-of-sale data analysis.

POS analytics is traditionally a double-edged sword. You can try to do it yourself, which oftentimes involves a painstaking consolidation exercise that usually only nets you summary-level results. Or you can wait several weeks for a third-party provider to do it for you.

Neither approach is as helpful as most of us would like. The DIY approach is quicker – usually a few days, but it lacks depth and there aren’t many opportunities for insights. The third-party approach usually offers much more depth, but when the retail environment can change dramatically from week to week, month-old insights aren’t much help.

Using our Catalyst software, we’ve come up with a way to solve both problems: same-day insights with as much or more depth than you would expect from a third-party partner.

It’s a game-changing approach to the problem at a critical time for so many businesses. That’s why we felt it was too important to just talk about it, we want you to see it for yourself, so we’ve decided to use this as a kickoff point for an all-new webinar series.

In our new webinar, Mastering Point-of-Sale Data: New Tools for Dashboards & Instant Insights, we’ll demonstrate our new method for getting deep, high-quality POS insights faster than ever before, using the EBM Catalyst software. This new method will instantly eliminate ALL consolidation time, giving you access to deep same-day POS analytics with a simple refresh, and allowing you to reclaim valuable time for deeper analysis.

We’ll also show you some helpful pro tips, like how to see trends over any time period on demand, slice & dice by retailers and geographies, and drill down to store and customer basket level.

We’ll also show you some special tricks you can do with the Catalyst software, like stitching together your POS data with shipment and inventory data, or syndicated Nielsen/IRI data. Tricks that get you to critical insights faster.

We believe this new method for gathering POS insights has the potential to be a true game changer for many companies. We hope that you’ll join us for our all-new webinar to see these incredible new tools first-hand. You’ll find details below.



Mastering Point-of-Sale Data:
New Tools for Dashboards & Instant Insights

Thursday, August 20th 1PM CDT


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