August 9, 2017

Ok, so the Latin translation of Seize the Data is actually carpe notitia. Better yet, it should really be Seize the Big Data which would translate to carpe magnus notitia. But with that much Latin, I’m already starting to lose you.

So let’s cut to the chase: Nearly half of all companies are not seizing the data because their reporting systems are too cumbersome to provide timely and reliable data.

Don’t buy it?

A survey of 1,500 financial decision makers found “over 46 percent of CFOs rely on gut instinct to make business decisions in lieu of fast access to accurate internal data…” It also revealed that an “inability to access the right financial data is having a direct impact on business performance.” Of those polled, nearly half said poor data hampers timely decision making and inaccurate information is the main cause of organizational mistakes.*

How can this be? 

The reality is that many companies have large ERP systems that make it difficult and slow to extract information and/or it can’t be reconciled which means the data is not reliable. As a result, manual spreadsheets are prepared to create ad hoc reports, but the unavoidable input errors make spreadsheets a less than optimal solution.

What you need is a reliable source of data from a single source of the truth. A user-friendly CPM solution that can unlock your data to unleash performance and accelerate growth. One that can allow you to easily drill down to a granular level of your business and instantly answer any question.

Imagine having the insight to uncover risk, discover opportunities and extract KPIs. A CPM that anyone can use, but no one can break. A system that will streamline planning, budgeting and reporting processes. A turnkey solution that can transform your company.

You can stop imagining. The solution is available today.

Are you ready to seize the data?




*Epicor, 2015