September 25, 2019

Pro Tips for Getting 1-2 Weeks of Your Month Back Using Catalyst®.

Monthly reporting can take days, even weeks out of your month. Time is precious, and for many, the most frustrating part of the monthly reporting cycle is how little time you get to spend actually analyzing your reporting to make recommendations that add value to the business.

That’s where Catalyst® by EBM Software comes into play. Not only does it automate many of your monthly reporting tasks, but it enables you to quickly and accurately perform monthly variance analysis that provides unmatched insight into your business. Processes that used to take hours or even days can be boiled down into minutes and seconds.

If you’re still spending days simply compiling your reporting, you’re in the right place. Let’s take a look now at 5 ways Catalyst can give you 1-2 weeks of your month back.


  1. One-Click Reports

Do you have to compile multiple reports for different stakeholders? Do you spend days ticking and tying out your reports every month? Catalyst alleviates these pain points and boils the time spent here down to a couple of easy clicks.

Use pre-built reports or create custom reports using Catalyst’s dynamic reporting tools. Once you’ve closed out your month, click on the report you need and Catalyst compiles your data within seconds, building a perfectly tied out report.


  1. Easy to Export and Distribute

Another time-sucking task for many people is getting the reports in the hands of stakeholders in every format they need. Catalyst allows you to export these reports in Excel, PDF or Word format and then deliver them to individuals or groups right from the software in a few clicks.

Catalyst users can also subscribe to reports and get them automatically emailed to their inbox every month (or any interval you like). Your time is far too valuable to spend 1 second longer than you need to on formatting and distributing reports. Catalyst gives you that time back.


  1. No More Roll-up Errors

Discrepancies in your summary-level data can have lasting effects far beyond the report. Catalyst removes any possibility of roll-up errors by drawing all of the data from the most granular level – the transaction level of your ERP.

From there, summarizing the data in each level of the hierarchy is a completely automated process. The formulas are unbreakable, removing the possibility of human error and giving you a reliable single source of truth.


  1. Drillable Down to the Transaction Level

See something you don’t understand? With Catalyst, the reports are fully drillable down to the most granular level, so you can easily understand what happened at every level of the business with just a few clicks.

This makes root-cause analysis simpler than ever. Never get stuck when the board asks you why an anomaly occurred. Eliminate the need to “trust your gut”. Instead you can make recommendations that are grounded in real data. Catalyst doesn’t just tell you what happened, it helps you figure out why it happened.


  1. 5. Dynamic Visualization Tools

For many, presenting your data and analysis to stakeholders is as important as the analysis itself. You need to be able to inspire action to drive better results. Our dashboards and dynamic visualization tools make it easier for you to communicate what’s going on in the business, even if your team can’t tell a pivot table from a hole in the ground.

Using the power of Microsoft® Power BI®, Catalyst brings your data to life. Transform static KPIs into truly digestible, actionable measures and drive real results with your analysis. These dashboards and visualizations can be viewed on any device, allowing you present in the way that best fits your needs.


What are your biggest reporting pain points? What unique challenges does your organization face when it comes to reporting and monthly variance analysis? We’d love to hear what you think. Sound off on social media now and join the conversation.


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